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Table 1 Identified SNPs within the ACSL1 locus and positions on the bovine genome assemblies

From: Association of an ACSL1 gene variant with polyunsaturated fatty acids in bovine skeletal muscle

relative to coding sequence*
Gene region Variation relative to reference sequence Position on NW_001494406.2 (Btau4.2) Position on NW_003104605.1 (UMD_3.1) Allele
SNP accession number (dbSNP, NCBI ss#)
c.-569_570del AC Promoter Indel TG 1918795 389858 Not analyzed ss469271165
c.-224_225del GG Promoter Indel (C)5-7 1918451 389615 Not analyzed ss469271166
c.-196G>A Promoter C>T 1918422 3894586 Not analyzed ss469271167
c.-167G>C Promoter C>G 1918393 3894557 Not analyzed ss469271168
c.-151G>C Promoter C>G 1918377 3894541 Not analyzed ss469271169
c.-122G>A Promoter C>T 1918348 3894512 0.67 (G)/0.33 (A) ss469271170
c.481-233A>G Intron 5 T>C 1876389 3852106 0.73 (A)/0.27 (G) ss469271171
c.516C>G Exon 6 G>C 1876121 3852284 0.57 (C)/0.43 (G) ss469271172
c.580+114C>G Intron 6 G>C 1875943 3852552 0.33 (C)/0.67 (G) ss469271173
c.584A>G Exon 7 T>C 1875838 3852001 0.07 (G)/0.94 (A) ss469271174
c.845-58T>G Intron 9 A>C 1871919 3848082 0.75 (T)/0.21 (G)5 ss469271175
c.1267-100C>T Intron 13 G>A 1864210 3840373 0.24 (T)/0.76 (C) ss469271176
c.1525-131C>T Intron 16 G>A 1859370 3835533 Not analyzed ss469271177
c.1938T>G Exon 20 A>C Not annotated 3831586 0.75 (T)/0.25 (G) ss469271178
c.1959+56G>A Intron 20 C>T Not annotated 3831509 0.24 (A)/0.76 (G) ss469271179
c.2099+1023del A 3'UTR Indel A 1853870 3829944 Not analyzed ss469271180
c.2099+1030 C>A 3'UTR C>A 1853863 3829937 Not analyzed ss469271181
c.2099+1032 A>C 3'UTR A>C 1853861 3829935 Not analyzed ss469271182
c.2099+1034 C>A 3'UTR C>A 1853859 3829933 Not analyzed ss469271183
  1. *SNP nomenclature according to the translation start codon ATG, reference sequence NM_001076085.1. SNPs marked in bold were included in the association analysis. Genomic positions of the SNPs were inferred from the current versions of the refererence and alternative bovine genome assemblies Btau4.2 and UMD_3.1 available at NCBI (