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Table 5 Number of H. erato and H. melpomene specimens analyzed from the eight habitat fragments in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

From: Comparative population genetics of mimetic Heliconius butterflies in an endangered habitat; Brazil's Atlantic Forest

Site GPS coordinates H. erato(N) H. melpomene(N)
MRT 6°5'5"S, 37°53'59"W 9 0
JND 5°53'23"S, 35°21'8"W 29 11
CTR 5°53'14"S, 35°13'9"W 20 21
CTL 5°54'25"S, 35°14'17"W 25 24
JQ 5°55'33''S, 35°11'42''W 23 23
FLN 6°4'59"S, 35°11'1"W 5 26
PP 6°13'23"S, 35°4'14"W 18 26
BF 6°24'49"S, 35°4'50"W 7 15