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Table 3 Polymorphisms associated with protein yield

From: Molecular characterization of a long range haplotype affecting protein yield and mastitis susceptibility in Norwegian Red cattle

Btau_4.0 (bp) Gene Region TPP * NT [+/-] TP [+/-] PP (bp)
88331023 CSN2 Exon 125 [T/C] P  
88331153 CSN2 Exon 82 [C/A] [P/H]  
88338754 CSN2 Promoter   [G/A]   -367
88339252 CSN2 Promoter   [T/A]   -865
88409015 CSN1S2 Promoter   [C/A]   -7
88410860 CSN1S2 UTR   [C/T]   
  1. Btau_4.0 position [31], gene, description of region (promoter, exon or UTR), translated protein position (TPP), polymorphic nucleotide (NT) alleles denoted as positive or negative [+/-], polymorphic translated protein (TP) alleles denoted as positive or negative [+/-] and promoter position (PP) relative to transcription initiation site. * Translated protein position in Ref NM_181008.2 for CSN2 and Ref NM_ 174528.2 for CSN1S2. † Polymorphism previously described in Lien et al. [5]. ‡Polymorphism previously described in Nilsen et al. [7].