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Table 3 Putative functions of polymorphic EST-SSR markers, as determined by BLASTX

From: The characterization of a new set of EST-derived simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers as a resource for the genetic analysis of Phaseolus vulgaris

Locus Chrom Sequence ID1 Top E-value Species Putative gene function
PVEST008 - ALV_007_B10_G1 7E-40 A. thaliana Lsd One Like 1
PVEST026 7B ALV_012C_E03_B1 1E-35 V. vinifera Hypothetical protein
PVEST029 4 ALV_013C_A09_B1 7E-23 P. vulgaris Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase
PVEST042 3 ALV_014C_G08_B1 4E-67 G. max Plastid 3-keto-acyl-ACP synthase II-B
PVEST049 10 ALV_015A_G09_B1 1E-104 M. truncatula Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase
PVEST061 7B ALV_017A_E11_B1 1E-51 P. sativum DNA-binding protein DF1
PVEST071 11B Contig1282 7E-35 PVPR3 PVPR3
PVEST072 6 Contig1299 1E-52 M. truncatula Ferric reductase-like transmembrane component
PVEST073 9 Contig1338 1E-105 G. hirsutum Small GTPase
PVEST086 4 Contig1621 4E-18 V. vinifera Hypothetical protein
PVEST099 10 Contig1916 2E-39 M. truncatula Protein of unknown function DUF581
PVEST101 7B Contig1984 8E-13 P. sativum Drm4
PVEST114 8 Contig2442 1E-92 A. thaliana NLI interacting factor (NIF)
PVEST134 - Contig2970 1E-137 P. montana Isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase
PVEST147 - Contig03274 2E-83 A. thaliana Constitutive Disease Resistance 1
PVEST155 - Contig0520 4E-61 A. thaliana Sterol-C-methyltransferase
PVEST158 - Contig0551 9E-20 A. thaliana Unknown protein
PVEST166 - Contig0802 1E-32 A. thaliana kinesin-like protein
PVEST176 - LVS_010_H04_b2 6E-46 A. thaliana Postsynaptic protein-related
PVEST186 7B LVS_040_F02_b1 2E-90 V. vinifera Hypothetical protein
PVEST188 - LVS_042_C11_b1 3E-19 A. corniculatum Aquaporin 1
PVEST198 2 NOD_217_A08_053 3E-36 A. thaliana Leucine-rich repeat family protein
PVEST204 8 NOD_223_E06_040 1E-68 A. thaliana Hypothetical protein
PVEST205 11B NOD_225_C03_019 3E-58 A. thaliana Unnamed protein product
PVEST207 5 NOD_230_E11_084 2E-24 A. thaliana ATOFP14/OFP14 - ovate family protein 14
PVEST227 - POD_036_B08_061 4E-35 M. truncatula Hypothetical protein MtrDRAFT_AC160516g6v2
PVEST229 2 POD_039_G09_068 3E-61 A. thaliana Putative ABC transporter
PVEST230 3 POD_040_B03_025 5E-23 A. thaliana Putative ATPase (ISW2)
PVEST232 3 PVEPSE2003D01 5E-25 A. thaliana Unknown protein
PVEST245 1B PVEPSE2022F10 1E-62 V. unguiculata Patatin-like protein
PVEST249 - PVEPSE2030D05 1E-13 M. truncatula Alpha-6-galactosyltransferase
PVEST251 7B PVEPSE2032A08 1E-24 A. thaliana Zinc Finger Protein 8
PVEST253 - PVEPSE3007B09 1E-17 P. vulgaris Cytochrome f
PVEST260 - PVEPSE3030P01 3E-71 P. vulgaris DnaJ-like protein
PVEST289 - Contig0145 7E-45 R. palustris Expansin 11 precursor
PVEST292 - Contig1625 1E-104 M. truncatula CBS
PVEST293 5 Contig1723 1E-99 R. communis NADP-dependent malic protein
PVEST304 7B Contig2620 3E-78 A. thaliana Unknown protein
PVEST308 - Contig3013 1E-121 V. radiata ARG10
PVEST321 1B Contig0673 2E-19 V. vinifera Hypothetical protein
PVEST323 - Contig0073 5E-41 V. vinifera Hypothetical protein
PVEST326 6 Contig0863 5E-79 L. esculentum Type 5 protein serine/threonine phosphatase 62 kDa isoform
PVEST336 8 ALV_011A_G01_B1 4E-53 A. thaliana ATNSI (Nuclear Shuttle Interacting)
PVEST355 2 NOD_243_H08_064 6E-65 M. truncatula Protein of unknown function DUF6, transmembrane
  1. List of SSR markers indicating the position on the Phaseolus vulgaris linkage map, the sequence identity from which the SSRs were derived and the BLASTX results.
  2. 1For additional details, see the references [30] and [50].