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Table 1 Summary statistics for the GNAS domain SNPs analysed in this study across 848 Holstein-Friesian sires

From: DNA sequence polymorphisms within the bovine guanine nucleotide-binding protein Gs subunit alpha (Gsα)-encoding (GNAS) genomic imprinting domain are associated with performance traits

SNP Open reading frame (ORF) model position of SNP SNP location/dbSNP accession number Genotypes Genotype frequencies Minor allele frequency Deviations from HWE (P-value)
rs43101491 Upstream of the GNAS gene 58,215,520 GG 0.005 0.09 (G) 0.24
    GT 0.170   
    TT 0.825   
rs43101493 Upstream of the GNAS gene 58,214,963 AA 0.660 0.19 (G) 0.19
    AG 0.300   
    GG 0.040   
rs43101486 Upstream of the GNAS gene 58,203,762 AA 0.020 0.14 (A) 0.56
    AG 0.240   
    GG 0.740   
rs43101485 Upstream of the GNAS gene 58,203,464 CC 0.043 0.19 (C) 0.36
    CG 0.303   
    GG 0.654   
rs41694646 Intron 2 of the GNAS gene 58,183,623 CC 0.090 0.32 (C) 0.35
    CG 0.450   
    GG 0.460   
rs41694656 Intron 1 of the putative NESP55 gene 58,281,228 AA 0.747 0.14 (G) 0.25
    AG 0.229   
    GG 0.024   
  1. Genotype frequency, minor allele frequency (MAF) and significance of deviation for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) based on P-values obtained from χ2-test results are given for all seven SNPs. dbSNP database accession numbers for each SNP were provided from GenBank [[53];] and the Build 4.0, release 60, of the B. taurus genome assembly in the ENSEMBL database