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Table 7 Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) of microsatellite markers.

From: Gone with the currents: lack of genetic differentiation at the circum-continental scale in the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba


Source of Variation

Variance Components

Fixation Index

P value

One group of 10 populations

Among Populations

0.00294 Va

Fst: 0.00299



Within Populations

0.97999 Vb


Two groups

Atlantic Pacific sector (*)

Among Groups

-0.00075 Va

Fct: -0.00076



Among Populations Within Groups

0.00330 Vb

Fsc: 0.00335



Within Populations

0.98181 Vc

Fst: 0.00259


  1. AMOVA based on allelic frequencies variation with significance calculated by 10,000 permutations of the original dataset.
  2. (*) Geographical groups: one group with samples from Southern Ocean Atlantic Sector (SG-1994, SG-1997, EI-2007, SS-2007, W-1992, B-1992, P-1997) and the other with samples from the Southern Ocean Pacific Sector (five temporal replicates from Ross Sea. R-1994, R-1995, R-1996, R-1997, R-1999).