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Table 1 Site of collection, year of collection, sample size, source and abbreviation for each population.

From: Gone with the currents: lack of genetic differentiation at the circum-continental scale in the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba

Population Austral summer Sample Size Source Code
South Georgia I.(*) 1993-1994 70 BAS (GFC JR06) SG-1994
South Georgia I. 1996-1997 60 BAS (GFC JR26) SG-1997
Elephant Island 2006-2007 48 AWI (PS ANT XXIII/8) EI-2007
South Shetland I. 2006-2007 48 AWI (PS ANT XXIII/8) SS-2007
Weddel Sea(*+) 1991-1992 68 AWI (PS ANT X/8) W-1992
Bellingshausen Sea(*+) 1991-1992 63 BAS (GFC JR02) B-1992
Palmer Station 1996-1997 54 BAS (GFC JR26) P-1997
Ross Sea(*) 1994-1995 48 PNRA (X expedition) R-1994
Ross Sea 1995-1996 60 PNRA (XI expedition) R-1995
Ross Sea 1996-1997 45 PNRA (XII expedition) R-1996
Ross Sea 1997-1998 48 PNRA (XIII expedition) R-1997
Ross Sea 1999-2000 48 PNRA XV (expedition) R-1999
  1. (*) Population samples analysed in [36] for mtDNA variation.
  2. (+) Population samples no more available for nuclear DNA analysis.