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Table 1 Daphnia individuals included in this study.

From: Evolution of the nuclear ribosomal DNA intergenic spacer in four species of the Daphnia pulex complex

Species Individual/IGS sequence1 GenBank Acc. No. Collection Locale Source2
D. pulex NA DpxNA1 EU595551 Champaign Co. Illinois, USA T.J. Crease
  DpxNA2 EU595552 Vermillion Co. Illinois, USA T.J. Crease
  DpxNA3 L079483 Warren Co. Indiana USA T.J. Crease
D. pulex E DpxE1a EU595553 Kola, Western Siberia L.J. Weider
  DpxE1b EU595554   
  DpxE2a EU595555 Malente, Germany L.J. Weider
  DpxE2b EU595556   
  DpxE3a EU595557 Preetz, Germany L.J. Weider
  DpxE3b EU595558   
D. pulicaria Dpc1 EU595559 Greenland L.J. Weider
  Dpc2 EU595560 Greenland L.J. Weider
  Dpc3 EU595561 Humboldt Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada T.J. Crease
D. tenebrosa Dten EU595562 Svalbaard, Norway L.J. Weider
  1. 1. Individuals of the same species are numbered from 1 to 3. The two IGS sequences from each D. pulex E individual are designated "a" and "b".
  2. 2. Source refers to the person who originally collected the Daphnia and isolated genomic DNA from the parthenogenetic offspring of each wild-caught female.
  3. 3. This sequence was obtained from GenBank.