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Table 1 The eight candidate bovine imprinted genes analysed in this study

From: DNA sequence polymorphisms in a panel of eight candidate bovine imprinted genes and their association with performance traits in Irish Holstein-Friesian cattle

Gene Ensembl gene ID BTA1 Gene function2 Imprinting status in cattle Additional species in which gene is imprinted/Preferentially-expressed allele3
CALCR ENSBTAG00000017458 4 Involved in regulating calcium homeostasis; involved in osteoclast-mediated bone resorption No data available Human; Mouse/
Maternal expression in both species
GRB10 ENSBTAG00000017086 4 Involved in signal transduction; interacts with insulin receptors and insulin-like growth factor receptors Tested but unconfirmed4 Human; Mouse; Sheep/
Isoform-dependent maternal and paternal expression
ZNF215 ENSBTAG00000003638 15 Putative role in transcriptional regulation No data available Human/
Maternal expression but biallelic expression has been reported in some tissues
PEG3 ENSBTAG00000023338 18 Role in cellular apoptosis Imprinted, paternal expression5 Human; Mouse; Sheep/
Paternal expression in all species
ZIM2 ENSBTAG00000011664 18 Putative role in transcriptional regulation Biallelic expression6 Human; Mouse/
Paternal expression in humans. Tissue-specific maternal and biallelic expression has been reported in mouse
RASGRF1 ENSBTAG00000019940 21 Signal transduction and cellular proliferation No data available Mouse/
Paternal expression
PHLDA2 ENSBTAG00000031194 29 Tumour suppressor gene No data available Human; Mouse; Pig/
Maternal expression
TSPAN32 ENSBTAG00000002702 29 Possible tumour-suppressor functions No data available Mouse/
Developmental-stage specific maternal expression
  1. Information regarding the expressed allele for all eight genes is based on the patterns of imprinting in mouse and human and, where possible, cattle, sheep and pigs. The chromosomal location of each gene was obtained from the ENSEMBL database ( and are based on Build 4.0, Ensembl release 59, of the B. taurus genome sequence (August 2010). The ENSEMBL database gene identity (ID) for each gene is given.
  2. 1 B. taurus chromosome number
  3. 2 Data taken from the GeneCards Version 3 database [64]; []
  4. 3 Data taken from the Catalogue of Parent-of-Origin Effects database [16] and the Geneimprint database [14]
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