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Table 4 Characteristics of the inbred family structures (FS), average inbreeding coefficients (Fx) of sires of final offspring (SOF) and of the whole pedigree (Fx total)

From: Effect of family relatedness on characteristics of estimated IBD probabilities in relation to precision of QTL estimates

   Fx Fx
FS main characteristics SOF total
FS1 S20 originated from an aunt-nephew-mating with Fx = 0.0625 0.007 < 0.01
FS3 S20 originated from mating half-sibs with Fx = 0.125 0.014 < 0.01
FS3a based on the same structure as FS3, but it contained three inbred sires, Fx = 0.125 each, and offspring number of one sire (S20) in- creased to 138, while simultaneously reducing offspring number of GSS1 by 60 0.042 < 0.01
FS3b based on the same structure as FS3, but the offspring number of S20 increased to 138, while simultaneously reducing final off- spring number of GGS1 by 60 0.014 < 0.01
FS4 extension of FS3 by one additional strongly inbred sire from a full- sib mating, where one sib was already inbred, Fx = 0.375 0.056 < 0.01
FS5 contained two sires originating from a mother-son mating with Fx = 0.375, and a sire from a half sib mating Fx = 0.125, pedigrees of GGS1 and GGS2 remained fully separated from each other (this missing link was a remarkable deviation from all other FS) 0.097 < 0.01
FS88 contains all sires inbred, Fx ranges from 0.063 to 0.375 0.150 0.01
FS99 an extremely inbred design already starting with inbred grand sires, Fx of sires ranges from 0.250 to 0.426 0.290 0.28