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Table 7 Summary of QC statistics for most significant windows

From: Comparison of multimarker logistic regression models, with application to a genomewide scan of schizophrenia

Chromosome SNP Min differential
Haplotype HWE
2 rs6759206 8.20E-02 4.20E-01 2.29E-01
2 rs2317011 9.86E-02 3.90E-01 2.29E-01
2 rs1962550 9.86E-02 3.90E-01 2.29E-01
5 rs2964798 4.99E-02 4.90E-01 1.57E-02
5 rs13155209 4.99E-02 7.60E-01 1.57E-02
5 rs10043680 4.86E-02 8.20E-01 2.47E-01
5 rs17771257 4.86E-02 5.80E-01 3.75E-01
5 rs17176973 4.86E-02 8.80E-01 7.01E-02
5 rs17075700 7.73E-02 3.90E-01 4.29E-02
7 rs10227362 1.16E-01 6.70E-01 3.85E-01
7 rs12534223 1.16E-01 9.30E-01 1.33E-01
9 rs10967991 1.82E-01 < 0.001 1.07E-01
9 rs1982915 1.82E-01 < 0.001 1.07E-01
9 rs2783010 1.82E-01 1.10E-02 1.07E-01
9 rs10967992 7.94E-02 1.60E-02 1.07E-01
9 rs10967993 7.94E-02 1.60E-01 1.07E-01
9 rs872251 6.24E-03 3.20E-01 7.78E-03
9 rs7850685 6.24E-03 5.00E-02 7.78E-03
9 rs13049 6.24E-03 5.70E-01 1.03E-01
10 rs682664 5.85E-02 4.70E-01 3.94E-02
12 rs10774841 3.08E-01 3.10E-01 2.40E-02
15 rs3784405 1.99E-01 6.30E-01 3.83E-01
17 rs9904870 1.88E-01 4.80E-01 2.50E-01
18 rs4542737 4.05E-02 7.60E-01 6.47E-04
20 rs967417 2.42E-01 4.30E-01 1.23E-01
  1. QC statistics for 25 most significant main-effects windows.