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Table 1 Improvement of haplotype modelling from including adjacent interactions.

From: Comparison of multimarker logistic regression models, with application to a genomewide scan of schizophrenia

Density Number of marker SNP sets with adjacent interactions included Number (proportion) with significant improvement in log-likelihood Number (proportion) with improvement in AIC
5 727 662 (91.1%) 674 (92.7%)
20 983 955 (98.3%) 961 (97.8%)
  1. Results of whether including adjacent interaction improves modelling of marker haplotype frequencies. Columns refer to 1) the density of marker SNPs (in terms of 1 marker SNP per x SNPs in dataset generated by COSI); 2) the number of sets (out of 1000) where adjacent interactions were not fully predictable from main-effects; 3) the number of sets with adjacent interactions included where they resulted in a significant improvement in model fit (at 5% significance level); 4) the number of sets where including adjacent interactions reduced the AIC.