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Table 1 Information of population samples.

From: Genetic evidence supports linguistic affinity of Mlabri - a hunter-gatherer group in Thailand

Population ID Ethnicity Language family Language Sample-size
JPT Japanese Altaic Japanese 44
CHB Han Sino-Tibetan Chinese 45
HM Hmong Hmong-Mien Hmong 20
YA Yao Hmong-Mien Iu-Mien 19
TL Tai Lue Tai-Kadai Lue 20
TY Tai Yong Tai-Kadai Yong 18
TK Tai Kern Tai-Kadai Kern 18
TU Tai Yuan Tai-Kadai Yuan 20
PL Palong Austro-Asiatic Palong 18
KA Karen Sino-Tibetan Karen 20
LW Lawa Austro-Asiatic Lawa 19
PP Plang Austro-Asiatic Blang 18
TN Htin Austro-Asiatic Mal 18
MA Mlabri Austro-Asiatic Mlabri 18
MO Mon Austro-Asiatic Mon 19
CEU European Indo-European English 60
YRI Yoruba Niger-Congo Yoruba 60