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Table 4 Detail information for polymorphisms in the DRD1 coding region

From: The genetic effects of the dopamine D1 receptor gene on chicken egg production and broodiness traits

SNP1 AA Variation Location2 SNP1 AA Variation Location2
G+123A Thr41Thr TM I C+1011T Asn337Asn CT
T+198C Ala66Ala TM II G+1065A Pro355Pro CT
A+505G Ser169Gly Extracellular domain C+1107T Asn369Asn CT
C+765T Pro255Pro The third intracellular loop    
  1. 1the first nucleotide of translation start codon was designated as +1. 2TM I = transmembrane domain I; TM II = transmembrane domain II; CT = the carboxylic tail.