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Table 2 European Atlantic salmon SALMAP linkage groups and chromosomes and the corresponding linkage groups from the North American Atlantic salmon NB1 male-specific (LOD score 4) and female-specific (LOD score 3) genetic maps.

From: Comparative genomic analysis of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, from Europe and North America

European SALMAP
Salmon Linkage
Groups (AS-) and Chromosomes (Ssa-)1
North American NB1
Male-specific Linkage
Groups (NB1-m)
North American NB1
Female-specific Linkage
Groups (NB1-f)
AS-1 Ssa-2 NB1-1m NB1-1af, NB1-1bf
AS-2 Ssa-10 NB1-2m NB1-2af, NB1-2bf
AS-3 Ssa-14 NB1-3m NB1-3f
AS-4 Ssa-6 *NB1-4/32m NB1-4f
AS-5 Ssa-13 NB1-5m NB1-5f
AS-6 Ssa-12 NB1-6m NB1-6f
AS-7 Ssa-24 NB1-7m NB1-7f
AS-8 Ssa-15 NB1-8m NB1-8f
AS-9 Ssa-11 NB1-9m NB1-9f
AS-10 Ssa-9 NB1-10am, NB1-10bm NB1-10af, NB1-10bf
AS-11 Ssa-3 NB1-11m NB1-11f
AS-12 Ssa-5 NB1-12m NB1-12af, NB1-12bf, NB1-12cf
AS-13 Ssa-19 NB1-13m NB1-13f
AS-14 Ssa-21 NB1-14m NB1-14f
AS-15 Ssa-27 NB1-15m NB1-15f
AS-16 Ssa-18 NB1-16m NB1-16f
AS-17 Ssa-1 NB1-17m NB1-17af, NB1-17bf, NB1-17cf
AS-18 Ssa-23 NB1-18m NB1-18f
AS-19 Ssa-8 NB1-19m ***NB1-19f
AS-20 Ssa-25 NB1-20m NB1-20f
AS-21 Ssa-26 **NB1-21/33m NB1-21f
AS-22 Ssa-17 NB1-22m NB1-22f
AS-23 Ssa-16 NB1-23m NB1-23af, NB1-23bf
AS-24 Ssa-7 NB1-24m NB1-24f
AS-25 Ssa-20 NB1-25m NB1-25af, NB1-25bf
AS-28 Ssa-4 NB1-28m NB1-28f
AS-31 Ssa-29 NB1-31m NB1-31f
AS-32 Ssa-22 *NB1-4/32m NB1-32f
AS-33 Ssa-28 **NB1-21/33m NB1-33f
  1. 1Note that there are 29 European linkage groups, and for historical reasons there is no AS-26, As-27, AS-29 or AS-30. The integration of the European Atlantic salmon SALMAP linkage groups and chromosomes is taken from Phillips et al. [24]. The NB1 male-specific linkage groups that correspond to pairs of the SALMAP linkage groups are shown by * and **. ***NB1-19f comprises two markers 26 cM apart, and was only obtained at a LOD score of 2 rather than 3.