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Table 1 Sampling sites

From: Population genetics of the understory fishtail palm Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti in Belize: high genetic connectivity with local differentiation

Site Site Area (Ha)/conservation status1/connectivity2/harvested3 Alt4(m) N/ha5
El Pilar (16) 50/core/isolated/yes 0-300 650
Manatee (22) 103,907/core/restricted to soil type + narrow valleys/no 0-200 650
Sibun (10) 19,000/core/restricted to one small site/no 0-200 --
Chiquibul (14) 59,822/core/continuous/yes 400-700 200
Bladen (27) 40,485/core/continuous/yes 0-200 400
Columbia (7) 60,000/protected/fragmented/yes 0-300 47
Pueblo Viejo (18) 15,000/unprotected/isolated/no 0-300 225
Temash (24) 16,945/buffer/isolated/yes 0-200 200
  1. 1- Conservation status is based on the current classification of the area within Belize's Natural Areas system. Core corresponds to the protected zone of the reserve. Buffer areas are outside the main core or are unprotected at the federal level 2- Connectivity refers explicitly to the continuity of area where C. ernesti-augusti is found. 3- Harvest is based on observation and personal communication with the owners of the land. 4- Altitude; 5- N/H A is number of individuals per hectare. Samples sizes per locality are in parenthesis.