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Table 2 Correlation of gene level analysis between the human GWSA and the Affymetrix HG-U133 Plus2.0 array.

From: High resolution analysis of the human transcriptome: detection of extensive alternative splicing independent of transcriptional activity

Genes included # of Genes represented Correlation
all Genes 7,147 0.85
1.5 Fold Change (FC) 3,382 0.90
2.0 FC 2,036 0.92
3.0 FC 1,036 0.933
  1. As intensity values were significantly different due to different formats, we compared the fold change between the universal reference (sample A) and brain (sample B) between the two designs. The correlation between the two platforms was higher when genes that were found to be differentially expressed were considered distinctly, as would be expected where genes showing no differential expression would exhibit a higher variability.