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Table 1 Distribution of splice events from an analysis of the human genome.

From: High resolution analysis of the human transcriptome: detection of extensive alternative splicing independent of transcriptional activity

Event Type Number of events
Total putative alternative splicing events with cDNA supporting evidence: 138,636
   ▪ novel exon 46,352
   ▪ novel exons 9,413
   ▪ exon skipped 31,163
   ▪ exons skipped 11,905
   ▪ alternative splice donor (ASD) 10,281
   ▪ alternative splice acceptor (ASA) 12,606
   ▪ intron retention 5,999
   ▪ novel intron 10,917
Predictions of single exon skips with no supporting cDNA evidence 142,697
Intron/exon boundary regions with structural probes for prediction of ASA, ASD and intron retentions 176,000
  1. Results from the human genome analysis of splicing events from 20,649 genes are tabulated according to the type of splice event. All events included here are monitored on the human GWSA. The alternative splicing results for the complete transcriptome data set are available online at