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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: A strategy for constructing aneuploid yeast strains by transient nondisjunction of a target chromosome

Plasmid Genotype Source
pGALCEN-JC3-13 PGAL1-CEN3, URA3 [13]
pRS303 HIS3 [32]
pRS315 LEU2, CEN6, ARSH4 [32]
pRS425 LEU2, 2 μ [33]
pRB326 TUB1, URA3, CEN4, ARS1 [26]
pRB327 TUB1, LEU2, 2 μ [26]
pKA52 HIS3, ura3 (390 bp fragment) This study
pKA55 TUB1, LEU2, CEN4, ARS1 This study