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Table 1 SNPs excluded from further analysis due to low variation.

From: Association between SNPs within candidate genes and compounds related to boar taint and reproduction

Breed Fixed SNPs
D ALB_1103(ex9), AKR1C3_in4d, CRSP9_504(ex1), FTH1_3'UTR, MMP1_in3a, RALBP1_3'UTR, HSP70_1748(ex1), HSP70_1258(ex1)
NL CYP21_in8c, HSD17B4_in18d, HSP70_939(ex1), HSP70_1476(ex1)
  Estimated MAF < 0.01
D AKR1C3_in2a, AKR1C3_in4a, BAP1_3'UTRb, CYP21_in6a, CYP21_in8a, CYP2E1_1422(ex9), EGFR_3'UTRa, EGFR_in12, HBLD2_3'UTRa, HBLD2_3'UTRb, HSPCA_3'UTR, HSPCA_2175(ex9), HYAL1_75(ex1), HYAL2_in1b, MMP13_in2, MMP13_in3a, PAPSS2_3'UTRa, PIAS1_1863(ex14), SRD5A2_3'UTRc
NL ATP5F1_183(ex3), AKR1C3_in2a, FTH1_5'UTR, HBLD2_3'UTRb, HBS1L_1994(ex17), HYAL1_83(ex1), MMP1_279(ex2), NGFIB_1195(ex4), NGFIB_in4, NGFIB_1374(ex5), PAPS2_3'UTRb, UGT1A1_in3a, UGT1A1_in3b, UGT2B17_197(ex1)
  1. Fixed SNPs and SNPs with an estimated minor allele frequency (MAF) of less than 1% were not included in the association study.